24 Great Books in 2016: Day Five

Hindsight has made me realise that I should have done these in some sort of order, but then I would have had to sit down and *put* them in an order and then the posts would never have been written, so swings and roundabouts I guess. ūüôā

Today’s book is Unboxed by Non Pratt. It’s only a short book, published by Barrington Stoke in a way designed to appeal to reluctant readers, with thick, cream coloured paper, but it is beautiful inside and out.


After years of radio silence, old friends Alix, Ben,¬†Zara and Dean meet up at their old school to keep a¬†longstanding promise ‚Äď to open a memory box they left¬†there when they were thirteen. But there is a gaping¬†hole ‚Äď their friend Millie has died.¬†Secrets tumble out and old feelings rise to the surface¬†as they dredge up the¬†past. But can¬†this save the friendships that once meant everything to¬†them, or is it time to let go and say goodbye?

I was really looking forward to reading this book, mostly because I love Non and her writing, so when they released early copies at YALC, I was overjoyed. When I finally got the chance to sit and down and read it, I wasn’t disappointed. Stories about friendships have always been the most interesting to me, so this was entirely up my street, and I loved reading about the things this group had been through, both together and apart. It was funny, realistic, and by the time I got to the end I was struggling to see the pages because I was crying so much. It is, quite simply, a wonderful book, and it makes me sad that if it hadn’t been by an author I already knew, I would never have picked it up. This book deserves to be widely read, and as such I highly recommend it to you all.



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