Belated January Wrap-Up

I planned this post two weeks ago and took the photos I wanted to include last week, so why has it taken this long to actually write this post? I wish I could actually answer that question to be honest!

Anyway, in January I read 15 books which I was pretty pleased with. It put me far enough ahead of my Goodreads challenge that my mini reading slump this month hasn’t damaged my chances of succeeding. They were:

One of my resolutions was to catch up with my netgalley books, and I read and reviewed five in January. Still got a lot more to go, but it’s a start! I failed at reading any of my library books though, so I need to make more effort there. Oh and TEN of my books qualified for the British Books Challenge!

Book Haul!

I came into possession of 28 books in January, and that’s not including e-books. 28!


Now that ridiculously high number is mostly because Scholastic held a £1 sale on their website and I couldn’t resist (that’s the pile on the left). And yes, there are two copies of Wing Jones in that pile on the right, because I won the giveaway @ChelleyToy ran on twitter and I’d already bought a copy (so I guess there’ll be a giveaway of my own happening eh? :)). You may also notice the highly exciting copy of The Scarecrow Queen, the finale of the Sin Eater’s Daughter trilogy, which isn’t actually out until March. My review is coming very soon, along with another giveaway! (Spoilers: the book is AMAZING and you definitely need to read it.)


We were lucky enough to be one of the stops on the ‘What Makes a Girl Strong’ tour with Katherine Webber, Sara Barnard, Melinda Salisbury and Catherine Doyle and let me tell you how much I love every single one of those women. They are all amazing and I felt privileged to listen to them talk about a wide range of topics from their own childhood to the current state of the world. They were also hilarious, and some of the loveliest people I have ever met.

Looking Ahead

My main target in February at the moment is just to read. I’ve been finding it difficult to just pick a book and read this month and I don’t like it. I think the problem has been because I don’t really want to read the book club books I *should* be reading, but I feel guilty if I pick something else up instead. Life’s too short for this kind of thinking, so I’m going to stop feeling guilty and just read what I want! I’m really looking forward to reading Caraval by Stephanie Garber, which I shall be starting once I finish typing this and Ink by Aice Broadway, which might be the shiniest book I’ve ever seen.

What are you planning to read this month? Let me know in the comments!


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