Unboxing: Illumicrate February 2017

I’ve been on a bit of a mission in the last few months, trying the different book subscription boxes that are currently available. I loved the Owlcrate that I bought, but being in the UK, this often works out expensively by the time postage is added on. It made sense to try a UK based box and Illumicrate was the first one I tried.

I really like getting boxes of surprises, and I especially liked this box, mostly because it had TWO books in it. The main book is Wintersong by S Jae Jones, which I’m excited to read (and so glad I didn’t buy it when I thought about it!), but there’s also a proof of Red Sister by Mark Lawrence, which definitely looks interesting. As I believe is normal with these boxes, there is also a signed bookplate, a letter from the author and a bookmark for Wintersong.


I really liked the Bare Necessities pouch included with this quarter’s box. I love artwork that uses words, and I like the way I’m reminded of the song every time I look at it!


The magnets. Oh, the magnets. If you’ve been paying attention you’ll know that I loved the Shades of Magic series by V E Schwab, so to have related items in this box made my day. I mean, Lila Bard right? Such a great character! I think these were my favourite items in the box.


We also had a lip balm (which I have failed to photograph) but I must say this isn’t really my thung.  I do use lip balm, but I much prefer unflavoured ones and I didn’t really like the smell of this one. The Newt Scamander bookmark is cool, but again is something I’m unlikely to use much, mostly because I don’t want to lose it!


The box also has a number of extra promotional items. I’m dying to read Flame in the Mist by Renee Adieh, so I’ll definitely be reading this sample!

I was very pleased with this Illumicrate and I think I’ll be continuing my subscription, especially as it’s only a quarterly box. There are some really nice items and although I didn’t appreciate all of them, I’m sure others did. I hope you can see the packing list clearly, so you can see where these fabulous things came from!

Do you subscribe to any boxes? Which ones would you recommend, or like to try? Let me know in the comments!



2 thoughts on “Unboxing: Illumicrate February 2017

    1. If your TBR is anything like mine, that could be a while off! Thank you so much for the comment on the photography – I always feel very inadequate when I see other people’s photos!

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