Discussion: Tackling The TBR Pile

So my blog turned a year old last week. I know – I was surprised too, but I suppose that’s because I’ve only really been posting regularly since December. (As an aside, I’m planning some sort of giveaway to celebrate, but I’m still thinking about what to do exactly!) When I saw the little notification telling me about my blogaversary, I obviously had to go and check, and sure enough, my blog was created on the 6th June 2016. Hurrah for a year of blogging!

But doing that made me remember that the subtitle of this blog is ‘Tackling the TBR Pile’, and that I was supposed to use this to make me read and review the books I already had. I…have not done that. At all. In fact, the TBR pile is at least twice as large now as it was last year.20170330_220107.jpg

(This is a tiny fraction of the pile, and is from March. I have acquired at least 70 books since then!)

I just get sucked in by the pretty new books. Sometimes it’s because it’s an author I love, so I’m obviously going to buy their book, or an author I’ve never read before but heard a lot about. Sometimes it’s the shiny cover and sometimes it’s just because it’s cheap (I love trawling charity and secondhand shops). I just can’t resist buying new books. I think it might be getting to the point of being a problem. *g*

So my question for you is this: how do you manage your TBR? Is yours as out of control as mine is? Can you help me control mine? (PLEASE.) Let me know in the comments!

11 thoughts on “Discussion: Tackling The TBR Pile

    1. Oh, that’s only the part of the TBR that won’t fit on the shelves. I also have 2 tall bookshelves (one double stacked) and two piles as tall as the shelves as well! But hey, at least I know I’m not the only sufferer! 🙂


  1. I’m doing the “Down the TBR Hole” tag which is helping me remove books from my TBR list. As for my physical pile, that’s a bit trickier as I am neglecting that a lot (my secret is to try and get more books on my Kindle so I don’t have a large pile of shame and then I can pretend it isn’t huge)

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  2. My TBR is so out of control! I’m terrible as well because I just read the ones I feel like reading so some have been on my shelf for years

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    1. Oh, I definitely do that too! Usually the newest books. I tried making a list last year and it went kind of well for a few months, but then I got terribly distracted by all the new shiny in the shops!

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  3. I had a pile, years ago. Then it got too big and kept collapsing so got moved to a box. Then the box began overflowing and now there are two boxes. My TBR is very much out of control, but I wouldn’t have it any other way, because I know I’ll get round to all the fabulous books on it at some point. Happy blog birthday by the way x

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    1. Thank you! Two boxes seems manageable though (although it depends on how much space you have). I wish I only had two boxes of TBR! (I have the pile in the photo (+70), two tall bookshelves (one double stacked) and two piles as tall as the shelves. It’s a lot!)


  4. Goodness! 70 books!!!??? Wowie – I’m sure I’m pretty close to the same number as you, but I’m to scared to actually count one-by-one.
    Same here! There is so many books I want to read and have been added to my TBR pile that, with half the year already gone, I find myself in a bit of a crisis on what to choose next.
    I’ve discovered my new two favorite authors this year: Donna Tartt and Haruki Murakami so I’ve been pretty much sticking to them lately and I’m in desperate need of beginning a series – AHHH – the book struggle is real I tell ya!
    I look forward to reading more from you soon – Happy summer Reading 🙂


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