Things That Made Me Happy This Week

So the lovely Grace at Almost Amazing Grace yesterday challenged other bloggers to post about what’s made them happy this week. It sounded like a good, positive thing to do, so here goes.


Reading four brilliant YA books. Being unexpectedly affected by a film. Dinner out, by myself. My period arriving unexpectedly and making so much sense of how I’d been feeling. Payday finally arriving. Eating more healthily and sticking to it (mostly). Discovering how to use photo editing software on my phone. Awesome post. Finding a bookshop with the IBW Harry Potter 20th anniversary bag. Stumbling across Makefest Liverpool and getting crafty. The atmosphere at the Mersey River Festival and Armed Forces Day. Wandering around my favourite part of my favourite place in the world.

There were more there than I thought there’d be to be honest. This week hasn’t been great, but yesterday was amazing. I love living in Liverpool! I can’t promise I’ll do this every week but I’ll try to do it occasionally.

What’s made you happy this week? Let me know in the comments, or link me to a blog post!

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