June Wrap-Up

I’m aware that this is rather late. We are nearly halfway through July after all, but life has, sadly, been getting in the way again. I didn’t want to miss another month’s wrap-up though so here we are.

June Reading

I only read 8 books in June, which is definitely a disappointment. It wasn’t helped by having a different bedtime book to my daytime book, but I really wanted to read my lovely new house edition of Harry Potter! Anyway, this month’s books were:

Three of them I read in one day, so it really wasn’t a good reading month. At least I managed some reviews? And while I may not have managed a great quantity, I really enjoyed all of those books, so the quality was great! I haven’t managed any great progress on my YALC TBR though, so I am rapidly revising which authors I need to see at the end of the month. Two of those books were from Netgalley though, and two others were review copies, so I’m happy with that, if nothing else.

June Book Haul


So normally this is where I would have taken a picture of all the books I acquired in June but, er, it turns out I can’t remember which ones they were. Oops. The books above are the ones I already had photos of, but there are about three weeks’ worth not shown! Two of them are review copies, which I’m really pleased about, and that set of Alison Croggan books were a prize in a twitter competition from Walker Books, which I was amazed to win. I haven’t had a chance to start them yet, but they look awesome!


I only went to one event this month, which was Juno Dawson on the tour for her latest book, The Gender Games. It was a really good event, and I always love listening to Juno talk, but unfortunately I was streaming with cold and wasn’t at my best. I was supposed to also be going to an event in Manchester, but it was cancelled.

Looking Ahead

Obviously the main event in July is YALC, which starts on the 28th. I am so looking forward to this it is unbelievable. The schedule was released last Friday, so I know the panels and signings I want to go to – now I just need to work out how I’m going to manage it! Reading wise, I’m going to concentrate on my YALC TBR. I’m currently re-reading Prisoner of Azkaban, so I’ll finish that and put the Potter re-read on hold until after YALC. Netgalley books are also going to have to wait! On the 17th August I’ll be taking part in my second blog tour, for T is for Tree, so keep an eye out for that review (the book, btw, looks absolutely gorgeous, and you can find out more about it and read a sample on the Ink Roads website).

How was your June? What have you got planned for July? Let me know in the comments!


8 thoughts on “June Wrap-Up

    1. I did! I was lucky in the books I chose, even if there weren’t many of them. I need to be reading 12 a month to reach my goodreads challenge though! Oh, I really hope you get to come to YALC next year!

      I salute your July plan. I think I might be doing the same in August!


    1. Heh, thanks. I started the year eading 17 books, and I think I set my standards impossibly high! I’m impressed you can still remember everything months later – I came to write April’s wrap-up a few weeks late and couldn’t remember anything I’d bought or done!

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