Wildest Dreams February Unboxing

It’s been a little while again, hasn’t it? Apologies for disappearing – I had an absolute stinker of a cold that left me good for nothing for a week. The good side of this is that I managed to read seven books in one weekend. Hopefully at some point I’ll actually review them!

Anyway, today’s post is a slightly belated unboxing of a new subscription book box. Run by the very lovely Zoe of the No Safer Place blog and YouTube channel, Wildest Dreams promises to provide a book, tea and bath or body product every month, for an incredibly reasonable £18. Isn’t that a fabulous price? Wildest Dreams is definitely the best value subscription box I’ve come across!

So February’s theme was Truth and Lies, and I was pretty sure I knew what the book was going to be. However, the main reason I chose to purchase this box was because I knew there was going to be a candle from Taken Moons in it.

Just look how amazing that candle is, and it smells gorgeous. It’s black cherry flavour, and called Lies Require Commitment, inspired by Divergent. I love it!


The tea is from Rosie Lea Tea, and is lemon and ginger. Called Veritaserum, it’s obviously inspired by Harry Potter. One of the things I love about this box is the way Zoe includes some teabags to make sure you can actually use the tea. I forgot to take a photo of them, but they’re so cute!

The book comes beautifully wrapped, with the Wildest Dreams sticker on it, and this month’s book came with a signed book plate and a letter from the author. It was, of course, The Truth and Lies of Ella Black by Emily Barr.


So there you have February’s Wildest Dreams box. It’s a really well curated, good value box and I’m sure it’s not the last one I’ll be buying.

(I realise there are no links in this post, but I’m writing on my phone and it’s not letting me include any. I will add them tomorrow when I can get on my laptop, so come back then and I’ll tell you where you can order future boxes!) Links now included!

Wildest Dreams

Taken Moons

Rosie Lea Tea

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