Unboxing Taken Moons’ “Dare to Be” Box

So. I’ve been a little bit…absent again. I can only apologise and hope that I can be better. I could write an entire post about why I’ve not been around, but that would only be boring for you lot, so let’s get on with the unboxing!

Taken Moons is a relatively new bookish candle shop on Etsy, run by Rebecca from This Booky Place. Full disclaimer here: I know Rebecca and think she’s fabulous, so I am slightly biased. But I really love Taken Moons, and I really really loved this box.


The “Dare to Be” box is Pride themed, so the four candles are based on books that have LGBT+ stories, and Rebecca managed to pick two of my favourite books from last year. I squealed when I saw them!


Look how beautiful they are! The books they represent are: The Gentleman’s Guide to Vice and Virtue; They Both Die At The End; The Miseducation of Cameron Post; and When The Moon Was Ours. I’ve only read two of them, but I really want to read the others, and I think the candles are perfectly scented to match the books.


So, We Are Not Broken Things is the PERFECT title for the Gentleman’s Guide candle. It’s scent is botanical gin, which is also perfect! I love everything about this candle. Did I mention it’s perfect?


Next we have Life Isn’t Meant To Be Lived Alone representing They Both Die At The End. I almost cried just at the memory of the book this title provoked! It’s scented as French toast, and let me tell you, it is GORGEOUS. I love it, and it’s my favourite candle in the box.


The third candle is called Maybe I Still Haven’t Become Me, which is summer breeze scented and based on The Miseducation of Cameron Post. I own this book and haven’t read it yet, but from what I know of it, this candle ties in perfectly.


The final candle is You Do Not Own What I Grow, which is from When The Moon Was Ours and is pumpkin spice scented. I know nothing about this book, although I own Wild Beauty by the same author, but I love the candle anyway.

We also get a couple of other items, as well as a charity donation made on our behalf to the Rainbow Cards Project. I love this idea, and I think other boxes should try it too, if the charity in question is linked to the box theme.

The first of our additional items is this beautiful bookmark by Literary Galaxy, based on the Malec pairing from Cassandra Clare’s Shadowhunter books. Literary Galaxy is another new Etsy store, selling gorgeous bookmarks and bookish jewellery. I already own two bookmarks and I’d buy everything in the store if I could, so check it out! It’s run by Jenn from A Page of Jenniely, so you know you’re in good hands!

We also have an ally badge from Simon’s Nest and a lovely postcard of my favourite Oscar Wilde quote from Literary Emporium. (I had a poster of Oscar Wilde quote on my bedroom wall as a teenager, which I think explains a lot about the person I became!)


Isn’t that a fantastic box? I’m so proud of Rebecca and her shop. She has a real knack for choosing appropriate scents, so I urge you to check out her other candles too! The “Dare To Be” box is still available, so head over to Taken Moons if you want one!


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