Library Haul!

There’s been some talk recently about people not using or needing libraries anymore, which is a topic which floats around every so often. I vehemently disagree with this! There will always be a need for libraries in my opinion, because there will always be a need for a place where people can access books with no charge. We weren’t poor when I was a child, but books were still a luxury that I only got on birthdays and Christmas, and the library was the only place I had a regular supply of books. People – kids and adults – all over the country still need that.

So to show that people do still use the library, here’s my current haul of books!


(Yes, that is a Captain America tsum tsum on top of the pile. Isn’t he cute?!)

We have:

The Bitter Twins by Jen Williams – this is the sequel to The Ninth Rain and I can’t wait to read it!

Do Not Say We Have Nothing by Madeleine Thien – nominated for lots of awards, not my usual type of book, but it sounds fascinating.

Markswoman by Rati Mehrotr – Asian inspired fantasy, it sounded really interesting!

Aftermath by Kelley Armstrong – I love Kelley Armstrong books and this is a standalone YA that I picked up on a whim.

928 Miles From Home by Kim Slater – I basically picked this up because of the cover!

The Last Romeo by Justin Myers – otherwise known as The Guyliner, I really like Myers’ writing online and I was just reading about this book yesterday. It seemed like fate when I saw it in the library in the afternoon!

The New World by Scott Andrews – I liked the first book in this series and already have the second to read, so I thought I’d better pick it up when I saw it!

So there we have it! I have a fantastic library – I’m lucky in that I have access to Liverpool’s main library, which is also in a magnificent building – and it stocks a lot of books I’m interested in. Some of these books I’ve had out longer than others, but I’m looking forward to reading them all. I’m making no promises as to when that might be though!

Do you use the library? Let me know what books you currently have out!

2 thoughts on “Library Haul!

  1. I absolutely love my library; feel quite sorry for these stupid people who think they’re redundant, because they’re missing out on sonething amazing! I currently have out the Elephant Thief, Far From the Tree, the Hazel Wood, the 3rd St Grizzle’s book and Running on Empty. Hope you enjoy the things in your haul!
    Amy x


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