Top Ten Tuesday: 10 Bookish Goals for 2018

Top Ten Tuesday is a meme that was created and originally hosted by The Broke and The Bookish, but which is, as of this week, hosted by That Artsy Reader Girl. Let us just take a moment to mourn the passing of an era. *Sad music plays*

Onwards and upwards though, and this week’s theme is bookish goals and resolutions, which could not be better timed, as I needed to make a post of these anyway!

1. Read 130 books

This is my goodreads challenge total. Last year I read 150, but it was a struggle to get there, so to take a little bit of the stress out of it, I dropped it to 130 this year. Still a challenge but hopefully not an overwhelming one.

2. Review regularly

I don’t expect to review every book I read, but I should review more than I did last year! I’d like to be posting a review at least once a week here (although I’m happy to average that out over the year. 52 reviews seems manageable, doesn’t it?)

3. Clear the Netgalley shelf

This was one of last year’s resolutions too, and I started well…but then failed miserably. I have about 25 books waiting to be read, some of which are 2 years old now, so I really must do better at clearing them. Relatedly, I shouldn’t be afraid to not finish them and give feedback accordingly if they’re just not for me.

4. Don’t be afraid to be critical

I tend to only write and post reviews of books I liked, because I’m always worried that someone will attack me if I’m critical. Which is ridiculous. If I don’t like a book, I don’t like it. I can’t help that! So expect more reviews of books I hated this year.

5. Crosspost reviews to Amazon, Goodreads and Bookbridgr

I’m a terrible person, and I never review on retail sites, and I only ever put a star rating on goodreads. I need to be better at this this year.

6. Remember to actually link challenge-eligible posts to the challenge

Fairly self explanatory I think. I know I’m not the only person who fell out of the British Books Challenge last year and I’m determined to see it through to the end in 2018! This is true of any other challenges I may yet sign up for.

7. Read more diversely

I read a lot of books by women, but that doesn’t get me off the hook for reading books by other diverse authors. I started this last year, and I shall do better with it this year.

8. Clear out the kindle

My kindle is like the place books go to die. I am terrible at reading on it, not least because I forget what I’ve bought. This year is the year I sort it out. I will read the books I want to read and delete the ones I don’t. It’s not that hard, is it?!

9. Remember that the subtitle of this blog is ‘Tackling the TBR Pile’ and STOP BUYING BOOKS

I mean, obviously not completely, but I really do need to read the books I have before buying more. I am actually being helped in this at the moment, becase I picked up so many proofs at YALC, I don’t need to buy any of the new releases! (It took me ages before I realised that was why I was so underwhelmed whenever I went into Waterstones.)

10. Comment more on other blogs

This is something else I’m terrible at, but I’m going to improve this year. I need to actually schedule time to do blog things, including commenting.

So there are my bookish goals for the year. Four of them were also on last year’s list, but never mind. This year is the year!

What are your bookish goals or resolutions? Let me know in the comments!

Bookish Resolutions in 2017

Can you believe the first week of 2017 is almost done? Fortunately that means the first week back at work after two weeks off is also done and I can relax and enjoy my weekend, which feels much needed, even after a four day week!

I decided I wanted to talk a little bit about my bookish resolutions for this year in this post, because I have a few of them and writing them down somewhere might mean that I actually stick to them. So without further ado:

1. Read more diversely, particularly concentrating on own voices. I’ve always prided myself on reading a wide range of diverse books, and then this year I looked back at my list and realised I was fooling myself. Most of the books I read are written by straight, cis, white people. Yes, most of them are by women, but frankly that’s not good enough. So this year I am going to make more of an effort to seek out those own voices books.

2. Make some progress on the TBR pileOr piles, as is actually the case. My bedroom is like an obstacle course because of the wobbly piles of books all over the place. I need to make an effort to read those books, instead of buying more. Will I do this? No, probably not. New books are so shiny and I can think of three books I want to buy when I’m in town tomorrow and I’ve pre-ordered another two online this evening. It’s not looking good, is it?

3. Read my kindle books. Because if the kindle tbr pile was in physical form, there wouldn’t be any room for me in my house. I’ve let it get ridiculously out of control because I went off reading in ebook format and back to my shiny paperbacks, but I can never pass up a bargain and the 99p kindle deals were just too much for my willpower. I need to catch up before I forget what I own.

4. Write all my overdue Netgalley reviews. The books end up on my kindle, and I think the above entry makes clear that that is not the best place to be if they want to be read. Desperately need to do this.

5. Keep up with the reading challenges. So I have my Goodreads challenge (150 books! Eek!) and the British Books Challenge, but I decided that wasn’t enough, so I’m also going to be completing the Queer 52 Challenge, which also ties in nicely with point 1 above. The challenge is to read either 12, 24 or 52 queer YA books this year, depending on the level you choose. I think 52 is probably beyond me, so I’m quietly aiming for 24. I’m also not necessarily following the list that is posted on the website, as it’s very US-centric and I’d rather concentrate on UK authors, but they do say any queer YA counts.

6. Become an active member of the bookish community. Because the bookish community is a wonderful, supportive place, particularly the YA section, and I want to be more of a part of it. I’m trying, but I’m also failing at the moment, so I need to put actual time aside to contribute.

So six. Six seems reasonable, and they should all tie in to one another. Let’s see what happens!

Have you set any bookish resolutions this year? Let me know in the comments!