Yet Another Book Blog

Do you know how hard it is to come up with a book related blog title that hasn’t already been used? Do you? I’ll tell you – really bloody hard. In a fit of frustration I searched wordpress for “theuntitledbookblog” and here we are. Imagination is not my strongest point!

But then, that’s why I read. I don’t need to have an imagination, because I can live in other people’s. This is probably why most of my books fall under the SFF category (or YA. Or both.). I can travel to distant lands, where dragons may be a genuine threat (but are actually more likely to be sad and lonely), or wizards rule the world. Or maybe I’ll just hop over the Atlantic to an America where vampires and werewolves are a part of everyday life. Maybe I’ll find myself in a post-apocalyptic landscape, fighting for my life. Sometimes, I can just be an ordinary teenager looking for love and overcoming a variety of obstacles. None of those things are ever likely to happen to me in real life (especially that last one, given that I’m 36 years old), but I can enter those worlds whenever I want. And ‘whenever I want’ happens to be ‘as often as possible please’.

Sadly, my book buying habits *slightly* exceed my capacity to actually read them all, and therefore my to-be-read pile grows ever higher. And by ‘pile’, I mean ‘2 tall double-stacked bookcases, 2 tall piles and 3 small piles’. So this blog is an attempt to make myself tackle it, hopefully without adding too many more. That doesn’t mean I won’t also be buying and reviewing new books, because I have no restraint whatsoever, but I’m hoping I can make somewhat of a dent in it. If I don’t, there’s a very real risk of my floor collapsing!

Of course, I do have the problem of wanting to keep all my books even after I’ve read them. I’d love to know what other people do – how do you decide which books to keep?