The British Books Challenge 2018

So it’s that time of year again. I’m not quite sure how it’s New year’s Eve already, but there you go. Apologies for disappearing again – I promise to do better in 2018!

Anyway, I’m still looking at which challenges I want to do in 2018, but I know The British Books Challenge will be one of them. I didn’t do a great job of reviewing my eligible books in 2017, but I did, according to my goodreads shelf for the challenge, manage to read 77 books by British authors. Which is slightly above the target of 12. I’m well chuffed with that number to be honest. I knew I read a lot of British books, but it’s nice to have a number to look at! I’m not going to set an actual target this year, but I’m hoping to get somewhere near 77 again.


The British Books Challenge has been going for a few years now, and this year is again being hosted by Chelley over at Tales of Yesterday. It consists of reading 12 or more books by British authors over the course of the year, reviewing them on my blog and linking them on the monthly link up page. Let’s see how this goes!

Click here for more details, or to sign up to the challenge yourself

Books by UK authors I would like to read in 2018

Even though I read 77 books by British authors in 2017, there were four books from my original challenge list that I didn’t manage to get to, so they’re back on this year’s list with a few extra.

I’m a little bit behind on what’s due out in the new year, which is why there’s a gap at the end, but 11 is a good start. Follow my progress below, where I will hopefully be updating every month, and don’t forget to sign up yourself!